digitize/restoration instructions

I use a photo scanner that can enlarge the resolution (dpi - dots per inch) to accommodate print and also perform basic adjustments. I use Photoshop to apply a variety of restoration adjustments.

What you need to do for digitizing:

Organize your photos: If you have a large quantity, I suggest you sort them into several groups. 

  • Yes - scan for sure
  • Maybe - to be determined
  • No - destined for the circular file (and then file them)
  • Restoration

Assemble the photos in an appropriately sized box. I cannot accept large boxes of photos that are unsorted and unorganized. A shoebox will generally suffice for photos up to 4x6. Use a large envelope for 5x7 and up. Restoration photos should also go into a separate envelope.

I create a folder for you and scan the photos in the order in which I retrieve them from the box. If you want the finished files to be organized in your folder - for example, oldest child first then next and so on - you need to organize them in the container that you’re going to give to me. 

The scanner will perform basic adjustments. The finished folder will be deposited into a DropBox folder to which you will have access for 30 days. You will have to determine where you want to permanently store your files - your computer, the cloud, etc. I can advise. 

Using Format